Evoking Nostalgia with a Painting

Woman Cooking by Ilayaraja

'Woman Cooking' oil painting by Ilayaraja

The pillars (தூண்) that reminds me of old homes? The cooking pots (மண் பானை), once essential, now almost extinct? The firewood cooking (விறகு அடுப்பு) that itself feels so quaint? The flowers in the hair? The courtyard (வாசல்) and the play of light on the roof rafters? Look, look, there is even the little rain water drainage hole (ஜலதாரை) in the corner.

Whatever it is, this photo is striking a chord close to my own heart.

Alright, with Earth Day only two days ago, I probably should not feel so nostalgic for firewood cooking. ;-)

About the Photo: Painting by Vikatan artist Ilayaraja. Apparently, he starts with a camera (digital photo to set the model and scene) and ends with an oil painting. You can see the entire collection of which this photo is part of at artist Ilayaraja’s Picasa gallery.

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3 Responses to Evoking Nostalgia with a Painting

  1. balamurugan says:

    thala kalakeeta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. amal raj says:


  3. MeenaVenkatesh says:

    Ilayaraja sir! I and my total family are your fans. We love to see your paintings in Ananthavikatan and also in net. As I interested to do paintings and also studying painting I use to see your paintings. Very lovely paintings. You are blessed! Even I want to practise like you.

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