Arthur Koestler’s Mimophant

Our Mimosa (cc) Steve Guttman NYC

Our Mimosa (cc) Steve Guttman NYC

Note: It is spelled as momiphant in The End of India. Fixed the error with Mimophant, the accurate spelling.

Throughout the ages, painters and writers of fantastic tales have been fond of creating chimeras (a monster with a lion’s head, goat’s torso and a serpent’s tail). My own favorite brain-child is the mimophant. He is a phenomenon most of us have met in life: a hybrid who combines the delicate frailness of the Mimosa, crumbling at a touch when his own feelings are hurt, with the thick-skinned robustness of the elephant trampling over the feelings of others.

— Arthur Koestler in Suicide of a Nation via Khushwant Singh’s The End of India

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