School Project Update

After a break to play a bit-role in a disaster that churned across the Indian Ocean, I am back. And the project to build a Girls’ School in Afghanistan is resuming. If you have already forgotten what this is about, you can find the details about the Giving Web in a previous posting:

The initial email about the Afghan school project was sent to a small circle of friends and family. From that email round, I am here to report that the Giving Web to build the Girls’ School in Afghanistan has gotten a resounding start off the blocks. As of today (which is actually more like as of Janurary 31, 2005), we have $1520!!! A quick break here for a hearty round of applause. A big pat on the back for those who have given already. For the others who are interested in giving, whip out those check books. The next round is starting now.

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