Let’s Do It: Estonia’s Clean Up Project

Plan: Clean up a country. In one day. Sounds crazy? Watch this video:

10,000 tonnes of garbage was collected in one day. Wow! 

“Let’s Do It” campaign was born in Estonia from one idea – what if we clean up the whole country? Here is a step-by-step guide to how Estonia managed to accomplish this amazing feat.
  1. Team building
    • Needed 40,000 volunteers
    • Grassroots campaign launched with 20 volunteers which soon grew to 600 people coordinating everything (apparently, only 7 people were working part-time on this for 6 months; everything else was volunteer time.)
  2. Engaging partners
    • 500 partners, including NGO, opinion leaders, corporations, media, IT people, politicians, even the President of the country
  3. Mapping the garbage
    • Using Google Earth for a virtual garbage map
    • 720 volunteers marked 10,656 trash points were located on the map
  4. Communication
    • Actors, musicians, and cultural leaders gave their voices and talents for free
  5. Registration
    • Team registrations on the internet
    • Each team responsible for cleaning up certain trash points
On May 3, 2008 the most impossible dreams came true:
  • More than 50,000 people (4% of the population) came out to clean up.
    • That would be 15.3 million in US and 57 million in India
  • What would have taken the government 3 years and 22.5 million Euros to accomplish
    • Was done in one day with .5 million Euros
  • 10,000 tonnes of trash was collected
    • In 5 hours!
    • Garbage was bagged and sent to local collection points
    • Large trucks transported trash from collection points to processing centers
One of the organizers of the campaign says at the end: I truly believe that this can also be done in your country. I wish we could plan and do something like this in India.

Estonia said: Let’s Do It! And did it.
Can we do it, India?

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    Love it! As Cicero said, “If you pursue good with labor, the labor passes away but the good remains.”

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