Snippets of Everyday Life – Entertainment

Within five minutes out of the airport, I see a line of shops. Hindi movie stars stare out of the glass doors/windows of a couple of them. Aishwarya Rai seems to be the popular choice, at least in the market.

Few miles down the road, T-shirts are strung up for sale. Two out of three are “Tera Nam” ones, complete with artistic renderings of the hero. Later on, people tell me that currently Tera Nam is Afghanistan’s latest craze. Salman Khan’s hairstyle has become the in-thing now. If you go to the market, you can even get Tera Nam potatoes and tomatoes. And, the rage also continues beyond hairstyles and produce. I was reminded of the time when I could get QSQT bangles and bindis…anyone else reminded of others?What other movie had this popular a following from hairstyle to produce to everything else? The earlier pop culture fad was… Titanic. :-D

There is a movie theater that is running an old Mithun Chakraborty movie. There are three movie theaters in Kabul, but most people prefer to watch movies on cable.

Like India, cable television is big time entertainment provider here. Latest Hindi movies, soap operas from Pakistan, Indian television serials, and Arabic music – these are the most popular options. You can get cable with all Indian and Pakistan channels for around 200 Afghani per month.

And of course, like anywhere else, mass media provides a somewhat skewed picture of people and culture. I was asked if everyone in India was rich like in the movies. And if there are dakus everywhere.

For Beaconfire Folks: If you are wondering who or what some of those names are, google them … and don’t be surprised if hundreds or maybe even thousands of hits show up.

Sorry folks, I am told that taking pictures is a No, No. I will have some pictures from my training that WLP will post online later. Otherwise, you will have to make do with my flowery prose instead. :)

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